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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> a baltimore county police officer and opens fire, at shutting down parts of a shopping center. good afternoon. i am lisa robinson did it all unfolded around o'clock this morning at kings point square in reynolds -- are out 8:00 this morning at kings point square in
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middletown. barry simms has more. >> the police are still here at this shopping center in randallstown. the remains closed while they continue their investigation. police said that one man was shot twice in the chest. the officers involved were not seriously injured. baltimore county detectives continue investigating the police-involved shooting at the kings point square shopping center. police tell 11 news that officers responded to a call about 7:45 this morning about a suspicious man. that is the suv demand was driving. as the officer arrived, the man began attacking. >> there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon. a second officer pulled to the scene and observed what was going on and shot the suspect in the chest. >> he was shot, because in this
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area, there is not a lot of time, and i've been on it is up to 11 years and we've not -- and i've been here 11 years and we've not had anything like this. >> the man is in stable but critical condition at shock trauma. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. we will have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> all baltimore teenager is behind bars this afternoon, charged with a deadly shooting last month. marcus mcfadden of baltimore was allegedly one of the three suspects to a perch 30-year-old eric hill as he sat in his car in brooklyn park could detectives believe eric hill tried to drive off and that is when he was shot. marcus mcfadden is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder and armed robbery. police identified the man shot and killed in west baltimore last night.
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he was shot and later died at shock trauma. no word on the suspect or possible motive. students at maryland's college park campus are looking over their shoulders after a second week of a robbery spree the latest incident happened early saturday morning when a student was walking along the road and was approached by four individuals and tackled, and one of the suspects took cash from the victim's wallet. in response to the recent times, police have launched a campaign alerting the public of the dangers between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. a 2-year-old boy is dead after an accident in a backyard pool in anne arundel county. he was found at the home at the block of tick neck road saturday morning and was bon by a family member he was rushed to the medical center but did not recover. a construction worker was
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partially buried on the the job. authorities say that the trench partially collapsed on the man in district heights. his upper body was free, but it took the work of firefighters to expect him. no word on his condition. the race for governor is heating up as republican challenger, former gov. bob ehrlich, hit the airwaves this week and with his first television advertisement, entitled "let's get to work." we get to this story in -- >> in the first television advertisement to get his job back, bob ehrlich reintroduced and salt to maryland voters. -- himself to maryland voters and tells us why he is running again. he showed the 30-second spot to
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a political analyst. >> it was a perfect opening ad for his campaign. >> he says there is positivity in the ads, and that they look good, literally, from the blue sky to the blue shirt. >> it is a very subtle thing, but it is very important as to getting the mood of the candidate. >> it outlines his major goals -- helping small businesses, improving schools, protecting the bay, and -- >> fix the budget, honestly. >> the o'malley campaign e mailed 11 news with our response -- "he is trying to run away from his record as the biggest spending governor in maryland history." bob ehrlich has not said how he would accomplish these goals,
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but the analyst says it is too early for details. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> early voting resumed today. 22,000 people cast ballots in friday and saturday. all 36 early voting locations will be open through thursday. our coverage continues on our website, we have posted information on the candidates and the ad check reports, where you can find out if the candidates' claims are true. with a quarter of a million people on hand to cap off the unofficial end of the season, the tourist season is being called a success. although official numbers are not in, the mayor says it is up on long visitors this season. officials are counting on several more weeks of business
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as the end will sunset celebration kicks off at the end of the month. the storm that was the justin bieber concert blew into the state fair, and by all accounts, it was packing a powerful punch for fans and merchants. >> this pretty much says it all -- the frantic race to secure the best possible view of the teenage sensation who is taking the state fair to hold a place. -- a whole new place. some people waited in line for hours to get the best and would guarantee a spot for the sold- out concert. >> a lot of parents in mind this morning. i hope our daughters appreciate it. >> just listen to how she tries to break down bieber fever. >> can you break right now? -- breathe right now?
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>> note. we are pumped. >> he sings about me. >> how you know that? >> because he seems to me. >> the canadian-born pop stars singing to a lot of local merchants, too. >> take it back to work. >> he has helped us a lot. >> apparently there is some connection between this and the $7 to the legs. -- $7 turkey legs. don't over think it. just remember this. >> he is talented and he is smart and he is hot. >> did you catch the fever? show us your pictures and videos by up loading them to our page on the web site. it is free and easy.
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coming up, a leading pet product company is recalling thousands of a dog treats. are you spending too much money on oil changes? new research breaks out how often you should have here is change. and did one analyst take his view of thursday's game too far?
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why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
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>> dozens of tourists were ripped off, thinking they're getting a great deal on and on new york city hotel. the book what they thought were rooms and this building near times square. but it is actually an apartment building with no rooms to rent. a hall of fame defensive tackle is being criticized for his remarks during a football game. he is an analyst on "pro football weekly" returned quite a few heads when he referenced katrina during the game. >> the vikings need to go down there and hit the town like katrina. >> we want to know your opinion. was he out of line? you can leave your comment on our facebook page.
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we of received dozens of corpora -- we have received dozens so far. the majority said he did go too far. coming up, and experience on the live show. -- on the show. >> today we of got the sunshine, and they to the north and south of the rain
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>> nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats are being recalled due to possible salmonella poisoning. the company is voluntarily recalling the streets. the company says there have been no reports of k-9 or human illness. but random testing by the fda indicates that there is salmonella in some of the bags.
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if you have the streets, throw them away and monitor your dog for illness. google is under fire because of the way it handles search results. the company said that texas attorney general is investigating if the rankings are fair. thgoogle has received criticism for control of the sites that people choose to visit and how much advertisers pay. your local express' will change to rush is not going to like this story, -- local express oil change garages not going to like this store, but it could save you money. >> many are like this guy. >> i change my oil every 3000, just to make sure it is tiptop. >> based on a new research, they have said over the frequent will changers are wistful. -- overly frequent oil changes are wasteful.
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>> over the course of five years, you spend over $1,000 in unnecessary oil change. >> instead of every 3000, they say double it. and your local mechanic will probably agree. >> every 3000 miles is overdoing it. >> the quality of oil has improved so much in recent decades, not to mention the technology of the vehicles. >> a laboratory received at oil, car that had lasted 7000 miles. some car manufacturers go so far as to recommend oil changes every 20,000 mi.. -- every 20,000 miles, which the research does not dispute. >> mechanics and other experts
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said that using more expensive, a synthetic oil can justify longer waits between oil changes. >> it is a nice day to day. -- nice day today. it is an almost perfect labor day weekend. plenty of sunshine out here. this-overall on the satellite. -- does not really sure what overall on the satellite. and the great lakes, there is a weather disturbance. they are getting great shower activity, the heaviest of which between chicago and milwaukee. it is all staying north of us. high pressure to be out there in great shape. -- high-pressure keeping our weather in great shape. august 22 was the last significant rain.
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the last measurable rain was august 23. not very significant. with the warm temperatures we have had, it is trying things out. we could use in the door rain here. -- we could use a little rain here. at b.w.i. marshall, it is 77. 81 in cambridge. edgewood, parkton, westminster, frederick up to 82. -- 70's havefoste prospered and attended to mostly sunny, very pleasant. south to southeast winds at five to 10 miles per hour. sunset's this evening at 7:29. here is the satellite image. here is the high pressure. it forecast for the day. -- great forecast for today.
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the nice, dry air approaching the high pressure. this kind of connected in a lose weight with the " front -- this is kind of connected in a loose sort of way with a cool front. we also have the new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. it is not going to last very long. this storm actually will get caught up in the upper flow of wind once it gets into the central part of the u.s. here is the storm in the ex expected path as moves towards texas. then out into the plains states, and at that point, some of the moisture should be drawn in our direction. here we are dry for a few days. there is a cool front.
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i would not depend on that for any rainfall. here is hermine with moisture in the plains states and towards us for the weekend. upc a 30% chance of rain shower activity on sunday -- you do see a 30% chance of retroactivity on sunday. the warmest day is wednesday. >> summer is coming to an end, which means the show "america's got talent." welcome. >> hello. >> let me start with you, fighting gravity. how you top what you of and so far? >> it is a challenge for us to bring something new to the table. this week we hope we can out to our last performance.
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>> what is this experience been like for you? >> it is been an amazing experience. i cannot believe it. i'm so happy that the fans brought me this far. >> you guys happen together all of this time. have you made a special bonds? what about you? have you made a special bond with other cast mates? >> definitely. we spend so much time but that there, so all the contestants are really close -- so much time together, so all of the contestants are really close. >> the judge's -- have you really gotten a lot out of the criticism? they have a lot to say, some of it good, some of it bad. what do you think? >> i respect their opinions. they brought me back as the wild card and i went there route and it has been successful. >> anybody else? fighting gravity, what about you? >> you know, well, yeah, we've
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gotten great feedback from them so far. we just hope we can keep it up. >> tell us about your pre-show rituals. what are you going to do before the finale? have a, we don't specific ritual. we tried to stay calm and stay focused. we tried not to get it to ourselves. >> did not mean to leave you out there. you have a special which will you go through before you hit the stage? >> well, it is quite a bit of preparation with makeup and costuming and way preparation for it is all i can do to get onstage on time. >> we wish you all the best of luck and i hope you got a great time with the show. >> thank you very much. >> you can catch "america's got
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talent" tomorrow and wednesday night on a wbal-tv. up next, the lottery numbers and another check of the forecast with sandra -- she is not even here, john.
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>> now your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. >> happy labor day. i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. let's get to some numbers with your pick three drawing. play racetrack now through september 19 and you will be off to savings with discounts on
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trifecta of place. it is now at all maryland lottery retailers bought diamond is all set and ready to go with your pick four numbers. learn how to play all maryland lottery games at the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> perfect, huh? low 80's, low humidity, lots of sunshine. wednesday, a cool front comes in, but only a slight chance for rain. i don't think it will be significant at all. better chance that it end of the weekend. the miti minister resulting from
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-- the mighty moisture from hermine. >> we will see you tonight at 5:00 and 6:00.
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